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Project realised under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.

Biomedical Engineering Centre Cluster (CIBio) received a subsidy from the resources of the European Regional Fund under measure 5.1 Supporting the development of supraregional cooperative links, priority axis 5. Diffusion of innovations of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, 2007- 2013, development phase, for the realisation of the project “Development of the Biomedical Engineering Centre Cluster”.

Within the project, new innovative technologies will be developed, as well as devices and IT programmes used to solve the most significant problems of contemporary medicine, mainly in the area of cancer treatment, cardiovascular diseases, rehabilitation and hospital-acquired infections.

The general aim of the project is the preparation of common innovative products and services by the CIBio Cluster and launching them on the market.

The detailed aim is: the preparation of treatment technology with the application of photodynamic therapy of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, developing the technology for detecting and eliminating hospital-acquired infections and bacteriological threats, developing the technology for increasing the population of stem cells, designing a device for
medical rehabilitation based on the interaction of electromagnetic fields. Modern, also biodegradable, endocellular prostheses will be created as well as state-of-the-art IT and telemedical software used in diagnosis and treatment.

The Cluster will support entrepreneurship and innovativeness in the area of biomedical engineering and create favourable conditions for effective commercialisation of the results of research conducted in higher education institutions as well as research and development centres.

The total qualified cost of the project is: 30.327.600,00 PLN, of which the subsidy granted by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development: 21.906.540,00 PLN.